Quick Update: Real Time Pain Relief…

In only 29 days since becoming an Enterprise Vendor with Real Time Pain Relief, I couldn’t be more pleased!

In my back office, I see one instance after another of someone purchasing a sample pack (8 Travel Packs) for $5.95, and then 8 or 10 days later, they either order a quantity or become a vendor!

I now have 118 downline members and TEN of them have come in at Enterprise Level.  We are fast approaching $4,000.00 in product sales, and the primary reason for this is dirt simple:  Real Time Pain Relief WORKS!

Click on my banner to get your FREE sample today:

 Real Time Pain Relief - Rub It On and The Pain Is Gone!

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Pleased to be here.. Living with my wife in a 100+ yr old farm house just a 10 minute walk to the Missouri River, on the original Lewis & Clark trail. -- Commute to work: 15 Steps (smiles)
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