Premier Internet Millionaire Just Called My Name…

All I can say is… WOW. I just came from the best training session I’ve been to in more than a year, easy!

The cool thing is, I never left my home office.

I’ve been a lifetime member of Janet Legere’s Prospect Geyser for a
good while, now. Like many of the utilities and tool sets I’ve used
for getting more traffic, I didn’t put the time in that could have
really seen me through to achieving what I purchased it for in the first place!

That’s right, folks, I just showed you a replay of me fumbling on
the 2-yard line. Once again, I got distracted and lost focus.

Back to the point of this post: Janet has weekly webinars on Saturdays for her members of Prospect Geyser and Contact List Builder and some other programs. I’ve only attended them very
infrequently — again, too distracted by all the bright & shinies.
Well, the guest on TODAY’S webinar was none other than Joel Therien, CEO of GVO, MeetCheap, HostThenProfit, and, most recently launched,
Pure Leverage.

So, there I was, listening to the wisdom forged of experience from a hands-down, no doubt Internet Multi-Millionaire… LIVE. Joel gave 9 Lessons of Success to us. Absolute GOLD.

So, what can that do for you, right?

Weellll… it was recorded by Janet. And you can get to it through my link for Prospect Geyser. The lifetime membership just paid for itself — in spades — with this one offering on today’s webinar.

And we have them EVERY Saturday!

Just think of it!

More to come…

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